Calgary Customers

We have done great sets for our customers in Calgary. You see some of our projects in the pictures below. Also we have some ready for picking up. Please visit our Ready for Pickup collection.

Projects completed for our customers:


We accept customized planting for our pots. Select your desired pot and ask us to decorate it with beautiful plants. We will decorate your planters with the best and the most freshest plants available in the market.

You need to take following steps:

  1. Find your desired planter or planter set and add it to the cart
  2. Add this item to your card as well. You can change quantity for number of planters you have. If you selected planter sets from step 1, you should select the appropriate number of plants to cover all planters. (e.g., for set of 4 planters you may select 4 to cover all planters) 
  3. Use code CALGARYPKUP at checkout to avoid shipping costs
  4. We will do our part, buy and decorate your planters and then send you a pickup notification
  5. Cannot you pick it up? We will delivery it for your. Please let us in advance then we can arrange a delivery (fee may apply).

Free Pickup and Arranged Delivery:

Code CALGARYPKUP is available for you to remove shipping costs if you like to pickup your order. Use the code while checking out your order.

Need delivery? contact us and we will help you with that.

Let us know if you any other questions.